Our Policies

Tuition Late Fees 

A $15 late fee will be charged if tuition is not received by the 10th of the month, unless prior arrangements have been made.

Late Pick-Up Fees 

A late fee of $10 will be charged if you are more than 15 minutes late without prior notice to the staff. The fee increases to $20 if you are more than 30 minutes late.

Absence Notification 

We require that parents call by 9 a.m. on the day a student will be absent.  If you are interested in arranging a make-up day or adding a day, please call after 9:30 a.m. when the Roll Call is complete.

Snow Days

We follow the Santa Fe Public School schedule for closings and delayed openings.


Although we do our best to minimize the spread of germs, young children in groups are likely to catch each other’s colds, etc. If your child has a fever, cough, runny nose with yellow/green discharge, sore throat, diarrhea, vomiting, pinkeye, or any other viral infection, please keep him or her at home until the threat of passing it to others is over. No medicine will be issued to your child without a written note from you or your doctor.  If children can’t go outside, they can’t come to school. All children are required by law to go outside daily.

Proper School Attire 

Please dress your child in clothes that are comfortable and can get spoiled by messy art projects and outdoor fun. Please supply us with a spare change of clothing in case of an unexpected accident. Please supply us with two sets of extra clothing–especially underwear and pants–in case of an unexpected accident. Dress appropriately for the weather–hats, mittens, etc. We will go out in the snow. If your child needs to borrow Playschool clothing, please return the items on the following school day.

Arrival and Departure 

School officially opens at 7:30 a.m. Creative movement and free choice play starts our day. We warm our bodies and sharpen our minds establishing friendships for the day. Children just starting school should come early, when there are fewer children and plenty of time to bond. Our first circle is at 10:00. It informs the children of the day’s activities. Please don’t miss this important group time. Coming by 9:30 allows the children free play and time for friendship making.

Pick-up time is 3:30 p.m. The half hour between 3:30-4:00 is a time for parents and teachers to check in and families to hook-up for play dates and fun outside school. There is a sign-in sheet to sign your child in and out each day. Most important is to initial it at the end of the day. This is for your child’s safety as well as our records. Please don’t forget this important task!  Look at the Board for clues on the activities that took place so you can more easily talk to your child about their day. Be sure to check with the teachers for any important projects that need to be taken home as well as for your child’s belongings.

Our after-school program runs until 5:30pm.


If for any reason a parent decides a child must leave the Playschool Community, a 30-day notice is preferable. If the Director decides that the Playschool is not the right school for the child in question, parents will be counseled as to a more appropriate school and parents will be reimbursed within the first month.


Playschool of the Arts for Kids has very few discipline problems. First, the curriculum is exciting and engages the children. Second, it has a ratio of seven children to one teacher. There is enough quality attention for all. Teachers are good at redirecting the children before problems develop. We use occasional problems as teaching tools for everyone. Problems can become learning experiences for all at circle time. Art, music and dance are wonderful ways to express feelings and move through hard times. There is no hitting or other more violent forms of aggression at the Playschool. Hit once, a discussion takes place; hit twice, hold a teacher’s hand instead of play; hit three times, parents are called.